Matthew Knipe

Matt Knipe is a co-owner and partner of Liberty Law Group. Growing up in a rural community, Matt learned the value of working for everything you have. He worked hard always wanting more. At 18, Matt graduated high school early and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. While his high school friends were finishing their senior years, he was learning discipline and honor at recruit training.

Upon completion of recruit training, Matt moved to Omaha, NE to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After his first year of college, the Marine Corps called upon him for service in Afghanistan where he spent over 7 months fighting for our beloved country. After returning from Afghanistan and finishing college with a degree in Political Science, Matt went to Drake Law School in Des Moines, Iowa on a full tuition scholarship. There, he fell in love with the law.

Just as in Afghanistan, Matt quickly recognized there is a significant difference between theory and reality in legal services – what is written in a book is not always what happens in real life. That is what sets Matt apart from others. The law is the same, but what you do with it is vastly different.

Matt has represented hundreds of clients in various felony and misdemeanor cases including crimes involving violence, drugs, guns, DUI/OWI, and others. He has zealously represented people falsely accused of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and other serious crimes. Matt has received Acquittals in several cases before a jury and still more in front of a judge without a jury.

Matt understands that to defend a case, you must do so with vigor and a relentless, unforgiving spirit. His incredible attention to detail allows him to pick things out of a case that others don’t even see. His expansive knowledge of the law, ability to employ expert witnesses in a variety of ways, and his military core provides an unmatched quality of representation and care to his clients.