In Lancaster County, it isn’t uncommon for residents to face traffic violations and serious criminal charges. Yet, simply because these occurrences are commonplace doesn’t mean that run-ins with the law should be treated dismissively. Even minor convictions for a traffic infraction or another kind of alleged wrongdoing can potentially lead to life-altering consequences.

As a result, if you’re facing criminal charges in Lancaster County, it’s important to seek legal guidance from a criminal defense lawyer right away. Working with reputable criminal defense attorneys in Lancaster County can help you protect your rights and minimize the risk that your situation will result in negative consequences that could affect you and your loved ones for years to come.

Lancaster County Criminal Defense Attorneys

While those who are charged with criminal wrongdoing are assumed to be innocent until they’re proven guilty, it takes a thoughtful, well-executed defense strategy to keep a defendant’s criminal record clean. If you are facing criminal charges or have been cited for a significant traffic violation, know that Liberty Law Group can help. We represent clients in Lancaster County, its cities, and nearby communities, including Lincoln, Hickman, and Waverly. Our compassionate yet aggressive approach to representation is personalized for every client whom we represent. Call (877) 425-4237 to learn more.

Lancaster County Court Resources

Visit Lancaster County Court – The Lancaster County Court is located at the heart of Lincoln. It has jurisdiction over matters handled by four distinct divisions: civil claims, criminal & traffic, probate, adoption & condemnation, and small claims. It is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding state and federal holidays.
Lancaster County Court
575 S 10th Street
2nd Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508
Judicial Administrator: Becky G. Bruckner

Visit Lancaster District Court – The Third Judicial District Court is a trial court that serves the Lancaster County community. It acts as a trial court and is empowered with broad “general jurisdiction” authority over matters as diverse as felony cases, paternity matters, and civil lawsuits where the matter at hand is valued at more than $52,000. Its staff includes eight judges who also hear certain appeals from the county court and state administrative agencies.
The Third Judicial District Court
Justice and Law Enforcement Center
575 S 10th Street, 3rd Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508
District Court Administrator: Lynne Albin

Visit Lancaster Clerk of the District Court – The Clerk of the District Court manages the administrative concerns of the court. As a result, questions and concerns related to the court’s docket, record keeping, and the processing of judgments should be referred to the Clerk of the District Court’s office.
Lancaster County Clerk of Courts
575 South 10th St
Lincoln, NE 68508
Clerk: Troy L. Hawk

Visit Lancaster Referee’s Court – Some of the cases that are managed by Lancaster’s Third Judicial District Court are not heard by its eight judges. They are, instead, heard by the court’s referee. The referee is an attorney who assumes this appointed position to resolve cases in much the same way that a judge would. This individual primarily hears child support and paternity cases that arise in Lancaster County.
Lancaster Referee’s Court
575 S 10th Street
3rd Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508

Visit Lancaster County Juvenile Court – Juvenile matters of concern are not handled by the county court, but are, instead, managed by the four judges that sit at the Lancaster County Juvenile Court. The court addresses domestic relations cases involving children when those matters are contentious, in addition to other cases involving delinquent, neglected, or otherwise dependent minors.
Lancaster County Juvenile Court
575 S 10th Street
4th Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508
Juvenile Court Administrator: Theresa Emmert

Visit Nebraska Supreme Court – The state’s highest court is its Supreme Court. Cases are generally only heard by the court if they are appeals of last resort, a specific provision of state law permits the Court to assume primary jurisdiction, or a matter in question concerns state administrative issues.
Nebraska Supreme Court
1445 K Street
Lincoln, NE 68509
Nebraska Supreme Court Justices
Chief Justice Michael G. Heavican
Justice Stephanie F. Stacy
Justice Lindsey Miller-Lerman
Justice William B. Cassel
Justice Jonathan J. Papik
Justice Jeffrey J. Funke
Justice John R. Freudenberg

These websites provide important information about each court’s operations. For example, you can find the contact information for the court – usually including its address, a primary phone number, and a primary email address – there in addition to insight about each court’s functions and the population it serves. Some of the websites also provide information about judges, staff, fees, procedures, and operating hours. Each website also features helpful resources, which may include maps, downloadable forms, and links to additional relevant information.

Visit Lancaster County Attorney – The County Attorney serves as the state’s representative in both felony and misdemeanor cases filed in Lancaster County. They also defend the County’s position in civil actions filed against the government. They also advise county agencies and assist in child support and Juvenile Court matters.
Lancaster County Attorney
605 S 10th Street
2nd Floor
Lincoln, NE 68508
Current County Attorney: Patrick F. Condon

About Lancaster County

Lancaster County in Nebraska is notable for housing the state’s capital, Lincoln. Originally named Lancaster, it was renamed in 1865 in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. The county presents a blend of urban and rural areas, with Lincoln being a hub for education, culture, and innovation, thanks in part to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The surrounding rural areas reflect Nebraska’s agricultural heritage.

Additional Resources

Nebraska Laws – The Nebraska Legislature provides a searchable version of its laws that is accessible to the public without a login or any kind of credentials. To better understand the ins and outs of any particular criminal infraction, the Nebraska Revised Statutes can be viewed in full here.

Lancaster County, NE – The Lancaster County, NE website provides residents and visitors alike with information about the County’s courts, law enforcement, budget, corrections, tourism, and a host of other interests. Fees due to the County can be paid on the site and a helpful list of County services can be accessed here as well.

Lancaster County Nebraska Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been cited for a traffic violation or arrested for a crime in Lancaster County, OH, contact Liberty Law Group today. Our firm’s criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to aggressive advocacy of our clients’ interests. Call (877) 425-4237 for a free initial consultation. We are available 24/7 to serve clients in Lancaster County and surrounding areas, including Saunders County, Otoe County, Cass County, Johnson County, Saline County, Gage County, Seward County, and Butler County.