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Liberty Law Group serves clients in both Nebraska and Southern Iowa.

Nebraska Counties

Douglas County, Nebraska

Douglas County is the most populated county in Nebraska, with Omaha as its heart. Omaha is known for its vibrant cultural scene, including the renowned Henry Doorly Zoo and the Old Market district. Other significant areas in Douglas County include Bellevue, known for its historical sites and beautiful Fontenelle Forest, and Papillion, frequently rated as one of the best places to live in America. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Douglas County, Nebraska, including Omaha, Bennington, Valley, Waterloo, Ralston, and Boys Town.

Lancaster County, Nebraska

Lancaster County, home to the state capital, Lincoln, is a hub of political and educational activity. Lincoln is known for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the State Capitol building. Other notable cities include Waverly, which offers a more laid-back, small-town atmosphere, and Hickman, known for its community-focused living. The county combines the energy of a college town with the stability of a well-established political and economic center. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Lancaster County, Nebraska, including Lincoln, Hickman, Waverly, Bennet, and Firth.

Sarpy County, Nebraska

Sarpy County, though smaller in size, is significant due to its proximity to Omaha and rapid growth. Bellevue, Papillion, and La Vista are its key cities, each offering a unique blend of suburban lifestyle and access to big city amenities. Bellevue stands out for its Air Force base and historical significance, while Papillion is known for its top-rated schools and family-friendly environment. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Sarpy County, Nebraska, including Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, and Springfield.

  • Sarpy District Court
  • Sarpy County Court
  • Sarpy County Juvenile Court

Cass County, Nebraska

Plattsmouth, the county seat, is known for its historic main street and proximity to the Missouri River. Other towns like Louisville are popular for their recreational opportunities, like the Louisville State Recreation Area. Cass County is appreciated for its small-town charm and scenic countryside, catering to individuals looking to get away from the busy city lifestyle. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Cass County, Nebraska, including Weeping Water, Louisville, Plattsmouth, Elmwood, Eagle, Cedar Creek, Avoca, Alvo, Greenwood, Murray, Murdock, Manley, Union, South Bend, and Nehawka.

  • Cass District Court
  • Cass County Court

Saunders County, Nebraska

Saunders County, with Wahoo as its largest city, is a classic example of rural Nebraska life. Wahoo is known for its rich history and friendly community. Ashland, another key town, offers attractions like the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Saunders County is special for its agricultural heritage and close-knit communities. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Saunders County, Nebraska, including Weston, Valparaiso, Prague, Morse Bluff, Memphis, Mead, Malmo, Ithaca, Colon, Ceresco, Cedar Bluffs, Yutan, Ashland, and Wahoo.

  • Saunders District Court
  • Saunders County Court

Saline County, Nebraska

Saline County is an agricultural hub, with Crete as its largest city. Crete is home to Doane University and is known for its diverse community. Wilber, known as the Czech Capital of the USA, hosts an annual Czech festival. Saline County stands out for its cultural diversity, educational opportunities, and strong agricultural roots. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Saline County, Nebraska, including Crete, Wilber, Dorchester, Friend, De Witt, Western, Swanton, and Tobias.

  • Saline District Court
  • Saline County Court

Otoe County, Nebraska

Otoe County, featuring Nebraska City as its largest urban area, is rich in history. Nebraska City is famous for being the home of Arbor Day and has numerous orchards and historical sites. Syracuse and Dunbar, smaller towns in the county, offer a look into traditional rural life. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Otoe County, Nebraska, including Nebraska City, Syracuse, Palmyra, Dunbar, Talmage, Burr, Douglas, and Otoe.

  • Otoe District Court
  • Otoe County Court

Washington County, Nebraska

Washington County, with Blair as its largest city, offers a mix of small-town life and suburban convenience. Blair is known for its historical downtown and access to outdoor activities. Fort Calhoun and Arlington, other towns in the county, add to the county’s charm with their quiet streets and community-focused living. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Washington County, Nebraska, including Blair, Fort Calhoun, Arlington, Kennard, Herman, and Washington.

  • Washington District Court
  • Washington County Court

Dodge County, Nebraska

Dodge County is home to Fremont, its largest city. Fremont has a vibrant community life and is known for its historic downtown. North Bend and Scribner, other towns in the county, offer a more relaxed, small-town environment. Dodge County stands out for its blend of urban amenities. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Dodge County, Nebraska, including Fremont, Scribner, North Bend, Hooper, Dodge, Snyder, Uehling, and Winslow.

  • Dodge District Court
  • Dodge County Court

Butler County, Nebraska

Butler County, with David City as its most populous city, is deeply rooted in agriculture. David City offers a quiet, community-driven lifestyle, while smaller towns like Brainard and Bellwood contribute to the county’s rural makeup. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Butler County, Nebraska, including David City, Brainard, Bellwood, Rising City, Dwight, Surprise, Ulysses, Garrison, Linwood, and Octavia.

  • Butler District Court
  • Butler County Court

Gage County, Nebraska

Gage County, where Beatrice is the largest city, is known for its rich history and farming landscape. Beatrice is home to the Homestead National Monument, commemorating the Homestead Act. Wymore and Cortland, other key towns, offer a glimpse into Nebraska’s rural and historical heritage. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Gage County, Nebraska, including Beatrice, Wymore, Blue Springs, Adams, Cortland, Clatonia, Filley, Odell, Pickrell, Virginia, and Barneston.

  • Gage District Court
  • Gage County Court

Seward County, Nebraska

Seward County’s largest city, Seward, is known for its strong community spirit and annual Fourth of July celebration. Milford and Utica, smaller towns, also contribute to the county’s friendly and close-knit atmosphere. Seward County is special for its vibrant community life and celebrations of American heritage. Liberty Law Group represents clients in Seward County, Nebraska, including Seward, Milford, Utica, Beaver Crossing, Cordova, Garland, Goehner, Pleasant Dale, Staplehurst, and Tamora.

  • Seward District Court
  • Seward County Court

York County, Nebraska

York County, with York as its major city, combines agriculture with growing commercial sectors. York is known for its educational institutions and business-friendly environment. Henderson and McCool Junction add to the county’s allure with their small-town feel and community events. York County is notable for its economic diversity and strong sense of community. Liberty Law Group represents clients in York County, Nebraska, including York, Henderson, Bradshaw, Benedict, Gresham, McCool Junction, and Waco.

  • York District Court
  • York County Court

Nebraska Courts for Criminal Cases

A criminal case is a legal process where someone is accused of breaking the law. It starts when the government, often represented by a prosecutor, charges an individual with a crime. These crimes can range from smaller offenses, like shoplifting or speeding, to serious ones like robbery or murder. In a criminal case, the prosecutor needs to show that the accused person, known as the defendant, is guilty.

The defendant has a chance to defend themselves, often with the help of a lawyer. The case is usually decided by a judge or a jury in a court. If the defendant is found guilty, the court will decide the punishment, which could be a fine, community service, or time in jail.

District Courts

Nebraska has 12 district courts. These courts are the primary trial courts for serious criminal offenses, known as felonies, in Nebraska. Felonies are significant crimes, such as murder or serious drug offenses, and they carry heavier penalties, including longer prison terms or larger fines. District Courts are responsible for the entire trial and sentencing process in felony cases. Besides felonies, they also handle some more serious misdemeanor cases, as well as appeals from County Courts.

County Courts

Nebraska has a county court in each of its 93 counties. County Courts handle a majority of the misdemeanor cases. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes compared to felonies, and they generally result in lighter penalties like shorter jail sentences or smaller fines. Examples of misdemeanors include minor theft, assault, or traffic offenses. County Courts also conduct preliminary hearings in felony cases.

In these hearings, the court examines whether there is sufficient evidence for the case to advance to a District Court. Additionally, County Courts are involved in setting bail, issuing warrants, and other pre-trial matters for both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Juvenile Courts

For crimes committed by individuals under 18 years of age, Juvenile Courts have jurisdiction. These courts focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment, emphasizing guidance and support for young offenders. The aim is to prevent future offenses and help young people integrate positively into society.

Juvenile Courts handle cases like underage drinking, truancy, or minor theft. In Nebraska, there are three separate juvenile courts located in Douglas, Lancaster, and Sarpy counties. In the rest of the state’s counties, juvenile matters are handled by the county courts.

Nebraska Courts for Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case is a type of legal case where an individual claims to have been injured because of someone else’s actions or negligence. The person who is hurt, known as the plaintiff, files a lawsuit against the person or company they believe is responsible for their injury. This could be due to various reasons like a car accident, a slip and fall in a store, or being harmed by a faulty product. In these cases, the plaintiff is asking for money to compensate for their injuries.

This compensation might cover medical bills, lost wages if they can’t work because of the injury, and pain and suffering. The person or company being sued, known as the defendant, can either agree to a settlement, or the case can go to trial for a judge or jury to decide. The goal of a personal injury case is to make the injured person “whole” again, as much as possible, through financial compensation.

District Courts

These courts are the main trial courts for personal injury cases in Nebraska, especially those involving larger claims. District Courts handle cases where the amount of damages being sought is typically higher. This includes significant personal injury cases, such as those involving severe injuries, substantial medical expenses, or cases where long-term or permanent disability is claimed. The District Courts have the authority to handle all aspects of a personal injury case, including trials, settlements, and awarding of damages.

County Courts

In Nebraska, County Courts handle cases where the damages sought are $57,000 or less. County Courts are equipped to manage less complex personal injury cases, often involving minor injuries or smaller financial claims. The process in County Courts is generally faster and less formal compared to District Courts, making them suitable for resolving smaller disputes more efficiently.

Both courts operate under the Nebraska civil law system and follow similar procedures, including the filing of a lawsuit, discovery, negotiations, and trial. However, the choice between a District Court and a County Court for a personal injury case often depends on the severity of the injury and the amount of compensation sought.

Iowa Counties

Pottawattamie County

Pottawattamie County, located in southwestern Iowa, encompasses diverse landscapes, including urban areas like Council Bluffs and rural expanses. Its rich history intertwines with Native American heritage, evident in its name. The county offers a mix of cultural attractions, outdoor recreation, and a vibrant community.

With a population center at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County contributes to the economic and cultural vitality of the region. The Missouri River, running along its western border, adds natural beauty and recreational opportunities to this dynamic county.

Liberty Law Group represents clients in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, including Council Bluffs, Carter Lake, Avoca, Oakland, Treynor and Underwood.

Mills County

Mills County, nestled in southwestern Iowa, boasts a blend of rural charm and historical significance. Its county seat, Glenwood, serves as a hub for commerce and community activities. The region is steeped in history, with landmarks like the Glenwood State Hospital Cemetery and the Waubonsie State Park offering glimpses into its past.

Glenwood serves as the seat of Mills County. Home to notable landmarks such as the Glenwood State Hospital Cemetery, Glenwood embodies a blend of small-town charm and historical significance. The town’s central location within the county makes it a focal point for community activities, commerce, and a gateway to the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Liberty Law Group represents clients in Mills County, Iowa, including Goldthwaite and Mullin.

Harrison County

Harrison County, situated in western Iowa, is characterized by its blend of rural tranquility and historical heritage. The county seat, Logan, epitomizes this with its quaint charm and ties to the agricultural community. Notable attractions include the Historic Harrison County Courthouse and Willow Lake Recreation Area.

The region offers outdoor recreation and a glimpse into its rich past, making it an inviting destination for those seeking a balance of history, nature, and community.

Liberty Law Group represents clients in Harrison County, Iowa, including Marshall, Hallsville, Waskom, Scottsville, Nesbit.