If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Nebraska, you can face stiff consequences, especially if you have prior convictions for DUI. In addition to the criminal penalties, you may also be facing administrative license sanctions, the threat of loss of employment or of certain certifications and licenses, and other collateral consequences that come with the stigma of having a DUI on your record.

The fact that you’ve been cited alone does not render your situation hopeless. With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Liberty Law Group’s expert and award-winning DUI attorneys handle cases throughout Nebraska and Iowa and are committed to fighting for you to obtain the best possible outcome.

When you hire Liberty Law, you can be certain that our experienced DUI attorneys are turning over every stone to ensure your Constitutional rights were not violated, your statutory rights were respected, and that protocol was followed.  The absence of any of these requirements, among others, may tip the scales in your favor.

Contact an attorney with Liberty Law Group today and put your mind at ease that our reliable DUI attorneys will use every resource at their disposal to fight for you.